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Heater & Air Conditioner Maintenance Agreement

Stevens HVAC maintenance agreement

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Up Contracts

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is crucial for ensuring its efficient operation, longevity, and optimal comfort in your home. A maintenance and tune-up contract provides a convenient and cost-effective way to address these needs.

Benefits of Heating & Air Conditioner Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Just like a car needs regular oil changes, your heating unit and air conditioner needs routine maintenance and tune-ups to stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and efficient. Don’t wait for a breakdown on a frigid winter evening or scorching summer day! Here’s how regular maintenance can benefit you:

  • More Comfortable Home: A well-maintained heating and air conditioning unit will not only heat and cool your home more effectively but will ensure consistent comfort throughout the ever-changing seasons and temperatures.

  • Lower Energy Bills: Regular maintenance optimizes the performance of your unit, so it uses less energy to achieve the desired temperature. This translates to significant savings on your electricity bills.

  • Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns: Proactive maintenance helps identify and address minor issues before they snowball into expensive repairs. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your heat and air conditioning is less likely to break down during a winter snowstorm or heatwave!

  • Extended AC Lifespan: With proper care, your heating and air conditioning units can last for many years. Regular tune-ups help prevent wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your investment.

  • Improved Air Quality: A clean heating and air conditioning system means cleaner air circulating in your home. Dust buildup can be reduced, potentially improving your indoor air quality.

By scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups, you’re ensuring your heating and air conditioning runs smoothly, efficiently, and keeps you comfortable all winter and summer long. It’s a win-win situation for your wallet and your peace of mind!

What is included in a typical contract?

Seasonal Maintenance
(performed in Spring & Fall)
Stevens believes in performing a thorough “Above and Beyond” inspection approach to every accessible part to promote optimal overall health of HVAC units and their mechanics
Priority Service
Contract holders receive priority scheduling for service, repairs and installations.
Discount on Parts
Premier contract offers 20% service repair parts and no trip or diagnostic charge(savings of $83)
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Manufacturer’s will consider their warranty for the unit/s void if a maintenance contract has not been regularly obtained as stated in the manufacturer’s warranty.
Peace of Mind
Knowing your HVAC system is regularly maintained will give you peace of mind and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Additionally, our Dispatch team marks our calendar to call you as a reminder to schedule your maintenance!

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Up Check List

Stevens extensive multi-point check list in our Maintenance and Tune-Up contracts is set up for Spring and Fall to ensure our high standard of service is not only met but exceeded.

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